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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tryin' to Get Paid-Post 2

Post 2 from Tryin' to Get Paid

Music I'm Groovin To: OutKast "Morris Brown"

Another week of work is done, and I'm still amazed that I have a full time job. There are some days I'm expecting to go home to do homework, and I walk through the door, sit down...and I've got nothing to do. And it feels so good!!!

I remember the last few days of grad school, where our professor asked everyone to state what they would do when they entered the professional world. Many said they would read, some would exercise, some would save money and travel, and some would take some time to do artistic works. I, on the other hand, proudly stated that I would do absolutely nothing. I would go home, sit on my couch, and just exist. I would consume oxygen and release carbon dioxide. In a metaphysical sense (an in the words of my good friend Alvin), I would coalesce in a space of self. Now that I can do that, it feels wonderful. However, there is a drawback...I'm alone most of the time in front of my non-functioning TV, and I've gotta find something to do.

On the work front, I'm still trying to navigate the campus culture at my new institution. It's still very interesting to learn new idiosyncracies the students come to campus with, and the type of environment I'm in now. Before working here, I've never heard 5 languages spoken at once, met a vegan, knew what the world "hegemony" meant, and knew that clothes could be made from recycled materials. It felt like I'd been living in a no-man's land where I was cut off from the rest of the world. However, I have to keep reminding myself that these kids grew up in a completely different environment than I did, and have been through vastly different experiences than I have. That doesn't mean that they're any better than me (and I'd definitely correct them on that point, if you feel me), nor they're more educated than me (I've got 2 degrees with my name on them, and I've busted my ass to get them). In fact, these kids are more than willing to show this fool what's up in their world, and it's pretty cool that they're willing to invite me in to their circles.

Well, "My Super Sweet 16" is on (it's my guilty pleasure), so I'm gonna run. Until next week...


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