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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tryin' to Get Paid-Post 14

Post 14 from Tryin' to Get Paid

My Mood: Tired

Well, another week has closed, and it's one week closer to the end of classes, and one more week closer until I can take some much needed vacation. So, I have been spending my freetime looking at the places I can visit...Orlando? Arizona? Mount Rushmore? LA? Seattle? It depends on my pocketbook, and right now it's saying my vacation will consist of laying on the couch, eating cold pizza and watching re-runs of Jerry Springer. But, I have to remember it's only my first year, and given some time I can take trips to those exotic locations.

Today was our campus' spring extravaganza, or as I call it, the "day of debauchery!" Since I work at a small liberal arts college, the institution has some more room to allow alcohol consumption during major events. This is new territory for me, since I studied and worked at a large public school where alcohol was seen as a substance to be avoided at all costs, due to liability issues and legal impacts. So, as the day approached, I was very wary of all the booze that would be flowing, and ready to play bouncer for all the students trying to sneak in cheap beer...

However, the event turned out to be pretty fun to be at, and there wasn't that much drunkeness as I thought. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun and to be responsible. Granted, there were a few freshmen with fake ID's (not much effort was put into it...using White-Out on a passport didn't indicate creativity), and only one person was thrown out because he couldn't hold his liquor. I had to admit, I thought these students were habitual drunkards, but I was suprised at their control and maturity, and I have to give them credit.

Since there's only one week left in the school year, it's time for the final year wrapup at work. I'm finishing year-end reports and finalizing my budget reports. Also, all my organizations are having closing banquets, so I'm eating pretty well, and my pants are getting a little tighter. Speaking of that, it's time for another banquet, so I've gotta run. It's frijoles and tostones tonight, and I'm hungry...


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