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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tryin' to Get Paid-Post 16

Post 16 from Tryin' to Get Paid

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On the Mind: Wish it wouldn't rain anymore

Well, since things finally calmed down, I can blog for ya'll (I know, I're happy to hear from me). Since we don't have summer school out here, hardly anyone is here, except for full-time staff. It's eerily quiet around here (I'm used to students stopping by my office all the time, using the computers outside my office, stealing candy from my desk), so I've had time to finish my last-minute paperwork and budget details before the fiscal year ends. I also did my summer calendar, so I created some timelines for my major projects and scheduled vacation times, so I know when I deserve a break. My mind runs so fast that I forget little things, like going home to eat dinner, do the laundry, and get the occasional nap, so I've gotta write those things down.

Anyways, graduation was phenomenal! I thought that the ceremony would be boring and the standard fare graduation, but it was excellent. When the procession started with a Scottish drum and bagpipe band, followed by the flags of countries where graduates came from, I literally had goosebumps from the excitement. Add the fact that graduation was outdoors on a beautiful day, and it made for a picture-perfect scene. I only wished my graduation was outdoors, with a gentle breeze on my face and lots of people there to celebrate with me. There weren't too many outlandish outfits (one student wore a plad suit and bowtie), but some came with their own fashion in mind. When I left, I was really proud to have been there, seen some of my students cross the stage, and proud to be working at such a place. Also, the keynote speaker was great. She does non-profit work helping disadvantaged children across the United States, and it was inspiring to hear her words of encouragement to the graduates. She was waaayyy better than my graduation speaker (he told us if we didn't become entrepreneurs, we would be failures in life).

Since the summer is really starting (it's getting a little hotter outside), I've really got to start thinking about how my first year went. The months of April and May were extremely fast-paced, so now I have the time to really think about this past year, and really read my performance review. It wasn't sterling, however I did well enough to keep my job and for the Dean of Students to tell me that my work has had an impact. There were times this past year that I felt that I wasn't doing enough, or I wasn't having an impact. I guess it's tough to see all the time when you're always moving around and have your hand in various projects and don't have the time to take a timeout to savor your efforts. Now, I can sit around and ponder "What would I do differently?" and "What do I need to make positive changes for students and my colleagues?" I'll definitely keep thinking, and I'll share my thoughts, hopefully tomorrow (wow, 2 posts in 1 week, aren't you as suprised as I am?)

I have to run to a going away party for a graduate intern who just got their first job. Hmmm...what advice could I give him? I'm glad I have a blog to reference to...


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